Refund Policies

User can cancel anytime before product delivery.
User can apply for Refund only within 10 days of the purchase with an appropriate reason.
User has to send an email from his registered E-Mail ID only.
If Refund Request is raised by any other mode like email from other unregistered Email ID / verbal communication as a primary intimation; it will not be considered as a Refund Request.
If the reason for the Refund is found 'Due to any mis-selling of the respective Sponsor' then the liability to cancel the distributorship for the Sponsor without any prior notice is at the discretion of the Management.
If any User raises a chargeback in bank for the transaction made after the refund period then appropiate action (Cancel/ Discontinue Distributorship) can be taken against the sponsor.
After approval of the refund from Refund Team, User will get settled amount within the next 15 days in their Bank Account.
Settlement will be done after deducting the whole amount received by the user for the services till date.
User will not be able to purchase the package for the next six months using the same PAN Card once refunded.

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